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Monsoon TipsHere are a few jugaad (ingenious/improvised) suggestions that I could think of:1. Take a cigarette and rub its tobacco part on the windscreen. Rainwater would slip down faster. No need of buying expensive Harry Potter potions.2. Clean the wiper blades with white vinegar. They will last longer, won't scratch the screen, and clean more effectively.3. Keep some old newspaper pages inside the car. Spread them in the footwell before you enter the car with wet boots. Will go a long way in avoiding mustiness. Not to mention throw the wet pages immediately after the drive and replace with dry ones.4. Most people don't know this but clogged/misdirecting windshield wiper spray nozzles could be easily set right with a needle. Put the sharp end of the needle inside the spray nozzle to unclog it and move it up/down/left/right/diagonal to set the angle of spray. Takes 2 minutes and zero rupees.5. If the gear shift lever is sticking to the palm, just spray it with a household cleaner like Colin and wipe it with a dry cloth.6. The silver foil inside a cigarette wrapper could be used to complete a circuit in case of an emergency when you encounter a blown fuse. Not advisable for noobs.7. After you have come back from a drive, wash the wheels/tyres immediately before the muck on them dries up. In some vehicles like the Safari, the weight of dried up muck that is stuck on the wheels can cause the wheels to get out of alignment. Funny but true. 8. Demist the car before parking it for the day. This will go a long way in ensuring zero mustiness inside the car.9. Never use grease to lubricate the battery terminals. Use petroleum jelly10. NEVER crank your car/motorcycle if it has stopped while fording through water AND if the exhaust is submerged under water. Cranking at this stage would suck the water through your exhaust and shove it inside your engine innards, practically rendering your car useless
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