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7 Useful tips to keep in mind while renting a self-drive carThere is no doubt that more and more cars are hitting Indian roads every day. But it is certainly not possible for everyone to buy a car especially if there’s not much need. This is where self-drive car renting companies like us come to our customers’ rescue and when integrated with technology, the process can do wonders!So, are you renting a car for a vacation? Well, it completely makes sense! It saves you money that you’d be spending on taxi rides, and keeps you from enjoying your trip on the schedule of public transportation. But car rental can be daunting for both first-timers and veteran travelers alike. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while renting a car.1. Rent of the carBefore you started renting self-drive cars or simply cars online, what was the option in your hand? Go to the traditional car renting companies who would simply refuse to negotiate. Right? You were left with no option. We understand!There are several car renting companies that you may come across. So, you must do a proper research and then rent your favorite car at the best possible price. In that case, you should definitely give a look at our services and prices. We are working hard to impress you daily! 2. Hidden ChargesChoose just not your car but also the car renting company wisely. Don’t become the victim of hidden charges! Do a good research throughout and feel free to question the companies. Clear all doubts before you set off for your trip so that you don’t feel at the end of the journey that you have been robbed.3. Condition of the self-drive carCars are often rented by travelers who are always on the go. They generally don’t want to take their own car along and so rent a self-drive car to make their travel experience simpler. So, if you are someone who rents a car often, you must check the condition of the car. Also, make sure that you take a 360 degree photo of the car so that you can return the car in the right condition without suffering extra charges.4. Availability of pick up and drop pointThere are several car rental companies out there. But each of them has their own definite set of policies and conditions. Make sure you go for the one you can rely and the one that provides you the maximum services without any hassles. One of the most important of these features is the availability of pick up and drop points. If you need to go to the company every time you rent a car, nothing can be more annoying. You should have the privilege to take your own decisions and set off from your very own place at your own time.5. Always carry a driving license and car documents with youYou are hiring a self-drive car and so there are many responsibilities that come along as well. Make sure you know how to properly drive a car and always carry your driving license and car documents with you.6. Customer ServiceWhile you are looking to rent a car, look for additional customer services that the company provides. This is crucial so that you are provided the same kind of service throughout your journey – from start to finish! Many car rental companies claim to have a first-class customer service but don’t really come to help after you are done with your booking. This can turn out to be really annoying and can even turn your trip into a disaster!7. Review of the CompanyIt is also crucial that you have a good knowledge of the company from which you are renting a self-drive car. The company should have proper documents so that you don’t face any charges afterwards. This is often skipped by most of the customers as they are in a hurry to book a car!
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