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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Monsoon? Well for most, it usually relates to greenery, the feeling of wanting to go on a long drive and munching on pakodas. We always try and take safety measures to stay away from all sorts of illness in the monsoon. But what about while driving in this season? What about you and your loved ones safety? Have you ever thought about taking safety measures while driving in the monsoon? Here we are to help you. Planning Always plan your road trip. Check the weather before leaving the house. Leave a bit early so that even if you get stuck in “traffic” it won’t affect your schedule. It is common for our roads to get jammed with traffic during heavy rains. You can also check traffic in real time before leaving. Check your vehicle When the monsoon is just around the corner get a full check of your vehicle and ensure that your car is functioning properly. If something needs a fix its better to get it done as soon as possible. This is really very important for your own safety. Cars can be more vulnerable during monsoons. Stay Alert One must be very alert and conscious while driving in the rains. Roads tend to become slippery and speeding during this season can lead to loss of control of the car. Stay alert, keep your hands on the wheel and don’t drive too fast! Keep safe distance It takes three times longer to stop on a wet road. Maintain more distance than usual while driving. It could avoid accidents. Correctly pull over If there is a severe storm and due to low visibility and bad weather conditions you cannot drive, pull over completely and turn off your headlights and brake lights as well. As in low visibility drivers usually tend to follow the tail lights instead of staying and focusing on the road. Be in control Sudden application of brakes or even sudden acceleration may be harmful and cause a chaos. Be the person in control. Apply brakes early and slowly and gradually anticipate the movement of traffic and turns. While accelerating slowly, increase the speed. It will keep you in control of your vehicle. Avoid potholes If you see potholes with accumulated water in it avoid driving through it. You never know what lies beneath. It can be an open manhole or a killer pothole both of which can damage your car and might take a big hit. In such conditions drive carefully or follow a car ahead of you. Hope you have a great and a safe monsoon! Book a professional car spa service so no matter how soiled and muddy the interiors or exteriors get, our experts can take care of it! If this helped you, share it with your friends and family:
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